8th WARP Dialogue – Scriptures meeting on 23rd and 24th May, 2016

Based on what your scripture can judge the sin

Hindu scriptures have provided following measures / yardsticks for sin – enmity, ego, stealing, enviousness, partiality, immorality, violence, dishonesty, ego of doership, adultery, abduction of women, violence against women, greed, earning by wrong means, injuring others, adulteration of food and drugs, killing human beings, brutality, forcible possession of others properties and wealth, jealousy, cheating, fraud, injustice, destruction, damaging Nature and creation of God, indulging in gratification of sensual desire, not performing to their duties to the best of ability without selfish motive, disrespectful, lethargy, killing of creatures, unjust activities, unjust war, creating religious conflict, misuse of wealth given by God.

Cause of sin according to your scriptures

The human body created in the image of God is the jewel of His creation. All human being have higher intellect and power of discrimination. Every human body has a soul.  Soul is different from body as fire is different from wood. God made all things with His cosmic energy.

The ignorant is not able to make distinction between soul and body. The same Lord exists equally in everything. Creation is projection of divine power of God. Everything is connected with each other. Creation is the divine splendour of God. Creation is governed by illusion or cosmic power of God. Intellect, mind, wisdom and power of discrimination govern the body. There are five senses i.e. hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell; the five sense organs – ear, skin, eye, tongue and nose. Supreme intellect controls the function of these organs. The mind and matter are both energy according to Einstein.

There are three types of attributes in body. Supreme intellect controls these attributes based on the force of energy of one attribute. Real nature of divinity of human being is forgotten. One attribute is Satva, being pure, illuminating and good. Second attributes is Rajas or passion is characterized by intense (selfish) craving. It is source of desire and attachment. It binds with the fruit of work. Third attribute is Tamas or ignorance. It is negligence, laziness, lustful, aggressive, possession by violence, greed, inactivity etc. These lead to committing sin. He feels that he is the doer. He does not have faith and love in God. In ignorance, he commits all sins.

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