Congratulatory Message at the Inauguration Ceremony of HWPL Advocacy Committee


It is gratifying that Chairman Mr. Man Hee Lee and Chairwomen Ms.Nam Hee Kim of HWPL have been working for Declaration of Peace and cessation of war globally. They have set up an organisation across the world. They are igniting fire of humanity, love, peace, harmony not only among the religious communities but en masse with focus on youth.

In large number youth all over the world have joined the movement of peace and harmony in inter-religious faith. It is great that 3.6 billion women will build network with HWPL and IPYG / IWPG to urge enactment of international law. Terrorism is a great threat to humanity.

Thousands of innocent people are being killed. We have to carry the essence of all religions which are similar. Each religion is advocating for harmony, peace and love among the children of God. All beings are His manifestations. One has the soul, which is the fragment of God like electron and proton of atom. All has the inner infinite divine power. All are His children and all are equal.

The Universe reflects the divine splendour for human beings to see the ‘Invisible Lord”. One should learn to perceive God in all. Through the word, His cosmic sound vibration, God made all things, not one thing in the creation was made without His cosmic energy (John 1 . 03)

Hindu’s scriptures, “God is abiding as soul in all beings. All beings are like sun and sunlight different as well as non-different.

Quran, “Promotion of welfare of humanity is an act of great goodness”.

We are committed and dedicated towards working for cessation of war and International Armed conflicts and also establishing harmony and peace in interfaith religions.





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