Divine Justice


O Lord of justice, sitting on the pinnacle of cosmos sustainer of the universe.

With full faith we seek thy divine justice.

Let thy devotees, honest and virtuous have thy gracious blessings.

O Effulgent Lord! Be thou with us for our progress and prosperity.

Carry us through all troubles as a boat carries accross the river against all hurdles.

Those who incite sinful acts loses thy favour and fellow brothers.

Bless us to enjoy wealth of our own efforts and share with less fortunate.

Bless us not to go astray from the right path and piety.

Bless us not to merely indulge in sensual pleasures.

O Lord! Drive away all perils with Thy conquering might.

Let those who hurt us be the victim of their own designs.

O Effulgent Lord! Consume all our evils with thy strong flames.

Through Thy fear the evil forces come under control.

O Adorable Lord! Shine upon all beings.

And burn the roots of their vices.

O Cosmic God! Bless us with physical and spiritual power.

Let thy strength and divine justice for the pious people.

- The Holy Vedas

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