Prayer to Mother Saraswati

O Mother Saraswati! Thou art the embodiment of knowledge

Thou art the embodiment of wisdom

Thou art the embodiment of intelligence

Thou art the embodiment of the discrimination
between the good and the bad

Thou art the embodiment of music, art and culture

Thou art the embodiment of all Goddesses.

Thou art the essence of the great Vedanta

Thou art like the swan, separating the milk and water

Thou art full of perfection

Thou art the symbol of purity in white apparel

Thou art sitting on a white lotus

Thou art holding a veena in Thy hand

Thou have the white rosary in Thy hand

Thou play the veena for the message of

love, peace, and harmony


Thou art the instrumental fall of egoistic beings

Thou art being adored by Lord Brahma,

Lord Vishnu, Lord Shankara and all the Devas

Mother, thou radiate the joy of Divine bliss

Thou art the giver of boons

Mother! Lead us to perfection by Thy motherly way.

Mother never turn Thy radiant, gracious face from Thy children

Maa Veena Pani we contemplate Thee

We meditate on Thee

Mother keep us free from ego

Mother grant us knowledge,

wisdom, intelligence, intellect and discrimination

We children bow at Thy lotus feet again and again.

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