Rig veda

A firm faith in God is the only ray of hope that penetrates this gloom of fear and ignorance. (Rig. 2.27.11)

All the powers of existence help those who are involved in good benevolent work (Rig 1.3.9)

In the eyes of the Lord, no one is big, no one is small; all are alike; all are recipients of Godly love and blessing for prosperity. (Rig .5.60.5)

Too much wealth makes man greedy and slave to sensuous pleasures,

It makes him extrovert and darkens his inner vision;

Desires unfulfilled give rise to grief and their fulfilment causes greed;

Thus he feels miserably thirsty even standing in the fathomless sea of wealth


May our prayer be one and the same;

May we belong to one fraternity;

May our minds move in accord;

May our hearts work in unison

For one supreme goal ;

Let us be inspired by a common ideal;

Let us sing Thy praises in congregation.


All men are equal in brotherhood,

There is no one special and no one big. (Yajur 16.15)


O Lord, mayest Thou fill

Our hearts and minds with sweetness

May it flow like a stream of honey.

(Rig 9.17.8)

A true devotee is always soft in speech

And considerate towards others (Sama.251)


While giving charity, may I not be a miser,

May benevolence awaken my spirit of generosity!


The Lord defends and favours

Only those who work hard

And work for a benevolent cause. (Rig.4.25.6)


Look upon all the living beings as your bosom friends, for in all of them there resides one soul.

All are part of that Universal Soul.





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