Hinduism- Life Span

Yes, God has manifested the soul which is embodied in the body. Soul (Atman) is immortal, indestructible, eternal and self-luminous. It is the cause of all causes, all pervading, unaffected, immutable and inexplicable. No one can destroy the indestructible soul (Atman). Body is mortal. After death, the soul goes to another body i.e. reborn in new entity. Soul reborn again and again till perfection is not achieved and the purpose of God is not achieved.

Look at the nature – everything animate and inanimate, born of and then perished. Look at the tree- it dies and again new plant comes. So, the life span given by God is for 100 years to fulfil the purpose of God. Hindu scriptures had divided human life in four periods or Asramas which are Brahmacharya (Student), Grihastha  (Householder), Vanaprastha  (Semi-Retired  i.e. Service) and Sannyasa  (renunciation and living in remembrance of God).

Student Life or Brahmacharya – upto 24 years – This period gave importance to study different subjects including scriptures, acquire knowledge and learn art of living including yoga, meditation and martial art.

Household-24-48 years- This period put emphasis on marriage and family life, happiness, satisfaction of lust with celibacy, nurture the children, adapting profession, agriculture, business and work to the best of ability.

Semi Household- 48+ Semi Retired i.e. Service for own self and train the children in all respect including profession, love and service to humanity and God.

Retired Life – 48-72 years. Renunciation and living in remembrance of God.

Renunciation – Meditation- Concentration on God.

  1. Dharma (Righteousness)
  2. Artha- Earning money-profession
  3. Kama- Happiness in limited way.

Renounced life- 72+ above. This period put emphasis to achieve the seed and the principal of life i.e. Moksha – Liberation.

These goals of life with different stages are viewed for living for the higher ideal in Hindu Philosophy, service, love, harmony and peace.

It is possible to have much longer lifespan by the power of spirit or by the perfect understanding of awakened/enlightened one.

 Yes, Paramhansa Sri Yogananda saifd that if a person were able draw his required energy from cosmic sources he should eliminate the toxic fallout. If he lives a life as prescribed by scriptures and nature, meditation, consecration in presence of God and also practiced Yoga postures (Stimulating his endocrine system and live in consciousness of God), his lifestyle would be prolonged. It will be possible to have full span of life of 100 years or more.

An Indian saint Yogi Devraha Baba who passed away in 1989 lived this lifestyle. He never ate food only and drank water from the Yamuna river. He lived for more than 250 years. Lalan Fakir lived for more than 150 years. As more people begin meditation practices and learn to tap their inner cosmic energies, people lifespan is increasing now-a-days. The body has a natural healing power too. Added with medical science, life span can also be prolonged to a certain extent if it abides the science of nature and living.

Yes, practice the principal of life-health and celibacy. By power of spirit, longer they live. Concentrate the whole life on God.

According to my religion’s scripture, I have clear teachings why people get sick or disabled.

 Reason of sickness

Time has changed and it is our perception which has changed also. In the Hindu scriptures, Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna (God) said,” Not to eat less and more – balance food; sleep not much and more. Be righteous, work hard to the cut of ability, fix your mind on me, surrender to me, love me.” Every human being is born with past karma or past actions- (both good or bad/ evil) which one has to work out along with the present good and evil done. It multiplies and/or diminishes. So, sickness and disability depends according to work done during the lifetime and the way of living following the science of health and nature.

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