” The purpose of religion is spirituality. It is for assimilation, not for destruction.”

The speech given by Dr Hari Prasad Kanoria at the International Conference on Spirituality Based Management organised on October 12 – 13, 2018 in Athens, Greece.

Brothers and Sisters of Greece and the world…

I am honored and humbled by this invitation to speak on spirituality and humanity at this august conclave. My sincere thanks to the organizers for kindly giving me this opportunity to be amidst you all today.
Unfortunately, I could not be present in person due to my recent long stay in the USA and London. Also, during these days, we have to worship the Mother of the Universe, who is the protector of humanity. She is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. Her heart is flowing with the ocean of Motherly love and Bliss. She is the destroyer of evil, and protects the righteous. She works for the welfare of humanity and is the giver of prosperity, health and happiness.

Spirituality fosters morality, character, values, ethics, hard work with devotion, selflessness, brotherhood, sisterhood, growth, empathy, sympathy, humility, kindness, fraternity, cooperative spirit, fearlessness and divinity with love. It sharpens the intellect to distinguish between right and wrong. The spiritual light within unfolds the truth. It awakens the inner power and balances the outer power. It guides to develop super-consciousness. It enables us to develop our body, mind and soul to ward off failure and dive into the ocean of success. It develops the perception of oneness. It includes the entire humanity. It guides us through all stages of life. It unfolds our infinity. It helps our magnetic personality to blossom. It teaches us to balance in life for hard work, health, emotion, family and service to humanity. Religion means realization and experience. It is not just ritual, rites, etc. All these methods are to synchronize body and mind to concentrate on some physical activities. After realization, experiencing, seeing the light within and hearing cosmic voices, enlightened men have established different religions.

All religions lead to Cosmic Entity. The purpose of religion is spirituality. It is for assimilation, not for destruction. Spirituality ignites the fire of love and service to Humanity.

God is the universal Father. There is one universal soul. We are manifested souls of One Universal soul. He is our Father, Mother and Friend. The essence of all religions is harmony, peace, humanity, love and unity in diversity. Science has proved that physical individuality is a delusion. Science is in finding unity. Its goal is to reach perfect unity. Chemistry’s goal is to discover one element from which all others could be made. Physics discovers one element out of which, all are created/expanded/subdued. Hindu scriptures Gita mentioned about incarnation of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna said, “ The entire universe has been manifested from my form. All beings are dependent upon me but I am not dependent on them.”

God is all-pervading, all-seeing and all-powerful. God calls, “O Children! Realize all in one and one in all. Behave with others as you would with yourself. Know that in all, one universe resides. We are the enjoyers of immortal Bliss. The architect of the universe is the overseer of truth, internal order, austerity and simplicity. Live in harmony and peace. Be in the consciousness of God’s presence in all righteous activities. Consciousness of His presence will make one hardworking with devotion, righteously, fearlessly, selflessly, for the welfare of family, community, nation and the world.

Humanity is the essence of all religions, service to the manifestation of God is worship of God. Hinduism’s message is Sarvata Sukhaani Bhavatah.

All be happy, all be healthy, all be prosperous.
Prophet Mohammed: “ Recompense evil, conquer it with good.”
Bahai: “All humanity is one family”, men and women are equal.
Sufism: “Thy light is in all forms. Thy love is in all beings. Love all beings as manifestation of God and serve them”.

Jesus Christ: “Love thy neighbour, as thy love thyself”. Blessed are the pure in heart. Seek first kingdom of God and his righteousness.

Guru Nanak: “Bear no hate to anyone. God dwells in every heart”.
Lord Buddha: “Look equally with a kind heart to all the living beings”.
Selflessness is the governing principle in the law of prosperity. Each one of us must live for others. Create and generate wealth virtuously for self and others. Commune with God, God’s unlimited power.

Let us march ahead with the banner of inclusive and sustainable growth for the welfare of all and preserving the universe. Let us have the cosmic cooperative spirit. Let the youth be ignited with divinity and infinity. Let our mission and vision be assimilation and not destruction. Let us consider ourselves members of the human family. Let us unite our isolated consciousness with God. Let our heart throb with “All in one, One in all”. May God bless us to live in consciousness of Him and in service of His manifestation.

Om! Amen! Amin! Ek Onkar! Ahura Mazda.

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