Suggestion in your scriptures for us to resolve the sinful matters

Through repentance, doing good work, engaging in the service of humanity and creation of God, promoting peace and harmony, living by themselves in peace and harmony, self-purification, good work, love, lack of ego, modesty, not injuring any animals, animate and inanimate beings, using wealth/earning in service of humanity; simplicity, austerity in thoughts and action, forbearance, patience. The best way to resolve sin/ sins is surrender to God, love to Him spontaneously without asking for His gifts, pleasures, riches, glory, fame etc and to ask for His love.
“Fix the mind on me, be devoted to me, and bow down to me. Thus uniting yourself with me and setting me, as the Supreme goal and soul refuge, you shall certainly realise me (or come to me)”. Bhagavat Gita 9.34. God talks to Arjuna (human being).
He realizes that God exists in the creation by pervading everything. He is inside and outside all beings, animate and inanimate. He is very near residing in one’s heart and as well as far away.

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