Who am I according to the Bible (The Book of God), Hinduism & Buddhism


Jesus Christ has said “the Son, Father and Spirit”. What he meant that we are the sons of Spirit. So, we are the fragment of the Spirit. In other world we are manifestation of Spirit. The Spirit has Her/His cosmic play. Both good and bad people live in this world to play their respective roles. Good people are those who trust and love God i.e. the Spirit and His/Her messengers like Moses and others. Good people have to work to the best of ability without selfishness, love all human beings and God’s creation, protect the environment and render services to those who are weak by health and money. They do not do any wrong to others. They live on righteous earning. So, they are awarded or rewarded by God by sending them to Heaven to live comfortably. Bad people go to hell. Bad people are engaged in harming others, destruction of creation, killing, cheating, adultery and kidnapping women. They are cast to hell where they are punished in different methods. They are born again and again to purify themselves and become God’s like and/or good people.

At times, Spirit – (God) by His grace reforms a person as in case of St. Francis. Every vice receives its proper retribution.

Therefore, live rightly now and grieve for your sins. Righteous persons stand with great boldness before those who have afflicted and oppressed them. Jesus Christ was being crucified and tortured. As he was a good son (Godlike) of God, he was not having any pain. He said, “Father, forgive them as they don’t know what they are doing”. Job was stripped of all his wealth. All His children had died on being tested by Angel. His house was gutted in fire. He was lying naked on the road. But, he remained faithful to God. He continued to love God. He did not challenge the judgement of God. He said, ‘who am I to judge the judgement of God’. At last God returned everything to Him and blessed Him with His choicest Blessings.

So be watchful and diligent in the service of God, His children and His creation. Hope in the Lord and do good. Dwell in the Lord and you shall be fed with His riches. Strive to progress in all things. Always remember your end and that lost time never returns. The kingdom of God is within you, says lord. Turn to Lord with all your heart. Turn from worldly things and give yourself to spiritual things and you will see the kingdom of God within you. For the kingdom is peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Wicked are denied the kingdom of God. If your inner life is rightly ordered and your heart is pure, all things would turn to your good and advantage. Renounce outward consolation. Seek consolation from God and your righteous deed. You will contemplate heavenly things and often experience great joy of the heart.

On being asked by a rich man, how he could meet God, St. Francis said, “Distribute your wealth to the poor, then come to me, you will see God”.

Peace of mind, purity of mind and simplicity of purpose are essential to be a good man and enjoy heaven on this earth itself. God never deserts one who loves Him and His creation. Like Job, submit to God in all humility with faith and love in His judgement. His judgement will never be wrong.

So we are the son of the Father and Spirit. Journey through the trials of life with harmony, peace, faith, service and love. God overcomes the Satan. He is omnipresent, omniscient and supreme power.

Who I am According to Hinduism?

According to Hindu Scriptures – Veda – Upanishad, Bhagvad Gita, Ramayana, Lord Vishnu (Principal God) has manifested Himself in human beings (men-women), all inanimate and animate with His Cosmic Power. Human beings are His children. Every human being has soul which is immortal, being a fragment of His Cosmic Energy. Soul is in body which is mortal. When body dies, soul moves to a new body. It takes birth again & again till it reaches perfection i.e. divinity which is enshrined in each soul, but it is covered and influenced by Illusion (deceptive image of Reality). Illusion (Maya) is the kinetic energy, the force of action of Brahma (God). Kinetic energy is greed, pride, lust, anger and ego. These energies lead to fall of human beings. These engulf the divinity of the soul. It is very invisible potential energy. These energies can be conquered by the giant force of Will and God’s grace. Divine qualities are the milestones. Divine qualities are forbearance, patience, renunciation, restrain and control the senses i.e. lust, anger, greed etc. The five senses are the five horses of a chariot i.e. a human being. Senses are controlled by the mind and intellect. Mind is superior to senses. Intellect is superior to mind. Control the mind by intellect to control worldly desires. For this do meditation, prayers and read scriptures. Seek God with childlike faith and love. Duty and renunciation are the two wheels of the chariot i.e. human being and love for God is its axle. Service is the road.  The scriptures are guiding lights to dispel the ignorance – illusion and sensual desires and free one from anger, greed, lust etc. Purify the intellect with self-knowledge and discrimination.

Every human being is playing his role in Cosmic movie (world). Environment produces illusion. Rise above temporal illusion. Realise God within. Hold Him. Fill the mind with ideas and not ambitions. God incarnates Himself for protecting the good, for transforming the wicked and establishing righteousness. Hell and Heaven are in the world. Good work with motive of righteousness and service to humanity results in happy living in the world. Otherwise one suffers which is like living in hell.

So, we are spirit. We are perfect. We are divine. Brahmasmi – I am Brahma (God), “Hung Sun” – “I am He”, “Shivoham” – I am Shiva (God). We are manifested children of God. We are playing our roles on the stage of drama of the world.

The five hindrances are Sensual desire, Ill will, Sloth and torpor, Worry and restlessness and Confused doubt.

The eight noble paths are Right view or understanding belonging to wisdom, Right thought or intention, Right speech, Right action, Right livelihood, Right effort, Right mindfulness and Right concentration.

Buddha had eternal bliss.

Similarity of heaven and hell is in both religions i.e Christianity and Hinduism. Similarity appears in the beginning of creation in both Religions. The world was void and full of darkness. There was a voice, ‘let there be light’ and there was light. There was water all around. On the command of God, a piece of land appeared. God created man in His own image in likeness of Him. In Hinduism, there was sound and light. It was the sound of Om. Lord Vishnu (Principal God) was alone and feeling lonely. He said, ‘I am alone, let there be many’ – “Ekoham Bahusyam”.

Notion of Heaven and Hell were created by wise men-women/enlightened men-women. Notion of heaven was created to motivate good persons to remain good and bad persons to become good by promising so many comforts, happiness, joy etc. in heaven. There will be neither pain nor suffering. Joy, joy and joy alone. Notion of Hell was created to restrain good persons to become bad and bad persons to become good. Fear psycho was introduced. Punishment/ tortures in all unthinkable/undreamable will be only given. Making to lay on hot rolls, no food, little bad smell food or rotten food for sustaining alive etc. will only be given. Hell and heaven are on earth. One has to bear and enjoy their respective action. Every action has a reaction and retribution as proved in both physics and chemistry. No family will share your sins. You have to bear it alone.

Even saintly person (Godly person) falls in the grip of Saitan (bad person) if he doesn’t follow the messages of God through study of scriptures acquiring right knowledge and utmost ‘self – realisation’ and renunciation of attachment, but remaining in the service of God and His creation.

Religion is made by a material man. Every religion is the lighthouse to show the right path and give light of knowledge to realise God. Every religion has essence of peace, service, faith, love, harmony and the principle of righteousness.

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